UAB Lavisos koncernas is a modern 6000m2 logistics centre with the type A customs warehouse, an import and export terminal, a railway branch, and a functioning customs post, founded in 1995. It employs customs brokers and offers extra fast services of cargo handling and marking, distribution and reloading of goods.

All processes in the warehouse are controlled by Vision 6 warehouse management system installed by Equinox Europe. The operator-tasking system is based on radio terminals. The terminals specify the required storage location of the item and assign the task on the storage location of the item. The modern management system coordinates and distributes the tasks, therefore, all processes are fast and efficient, reducing storage costs, increasing the order accuracy and speed of completion of orders. The automated control system helps to avoid human factor errors, confusion of system cargo, and facilitates the search of cargo. As the information is stored in the system, customers always know the volume and types of cargo is in stock, and can track all operations.